Synthpop, dreampop, electroacoustic music
Country: Russia/German
Label: Not Not Fun Records

Galya Chikiss aka Galina Ozeran is a Russian singer-songwriter, composer, producer, dj, synth diva. Over the last ten years she has recorded a remarkable range of music –  from contemporary piano and electro-acoustic pieces to nostalgic synth-pop songs, shoegaze, noise-rock and trippy electronic avant-garde material – all as a solo artist and in collaboration with others.

Galina was born in Vitebsk, Belarus. At the age of nineteen she moved to St.-Petersburg, Russia. Since 2015, she has been based in Berlin.

She made remixes and worked with a plenty of musicians and artists such as Ensemble Economique (USA), Maya Postepski (Austra/ Trust/ Princess Century), Eva Geist, Jenny Wilson (SW), Milky Toad (RU), Barbara Morgenstern (DE), Scott Hardware (CAN), Franz Bargmann (NEU), Arsenii Morozov (Sonic Death, Padla Bear Outfit.), with whom she has created social punk band “Sablja”, and many more. Remixes of Galya’s tracks can be found in the dossiers of Russian artists Hmot, Ensemble Economique, RSAC, Milky Toad, Mokh, Nocow, Speck, Arm Author, PCP, Kontext, Sensiva, Amore Entrave, SBP4 and others. Her multifaceted background involves numerous international festivals and clubs in Post-Soviet spaces and Europe – from Moscow’s stadion“Olympiyski” to Berlin’s Berghain.

On May, 5, 2017 the new project Video Salon – mirage duo of Chikiss and producer Brian Pyle (best known for his work as Ensemble Economique) has released the debut album on NOT NOT FUN records.

December,1 New Chikiss specter-pop opus LP “New Season” is out on NOT NOT FUN records.

Chikiss is a child of soviet era sci-fi, tinted by the faded glory of suggested futures that never came to be.

Her performance draws on nostalgic futurism, both brand new and nodding to obscure numbers by long forgotten, and little known internationally soviet acts.

Armed with encyclopedic knowledge of early synth recordings, depicting mischievous romantic mechanical dreams brought into life by analogue machines.

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New album New Season (Not Not Fun Records)



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Медленно/ Slowly (2010, LP, Soyuz music) –

Без кислорода/ Hypoxia (2011, ЕР) –

Organic compound (2011, EP) –

Chikiss x Milky Toad – Zimni son (2012, LP, Dopefishfamily)

Kino (2012, single) –

Anthology Mixtapes in 3 pt. (2011, Weird radio) –

Ничего не бойся/ Don’t be afraid (2013, LP) –

Do not be afraid + remixes (2013, single,

Seasons (2014, cassette, KlammKlang rec.)

V/A “She Knows More Than She Thinks” (2014, cassette, NOT NOT FUN rec.)

Single for New Year Charity Project (Afisha Magazine/Musicmama, 2015)

Video Salon (2017, cassette, NOT NOT FUN rec.)

New Season (2017, cassette, NOT NOT FUN rec.)

Technical rider