Country: Grey Filastine (USA),  Nova Ruth (Indonesia). Based in Barcelona, Spain

Label: Jarring Effects/ Muti Music/ Post World Industries /Soot Records

Grey: electronics, percussion
Nova: vocals, melodica, drums

Filastine is the duo of composer/director Grey Filastine and vocalist/designer Nova Ruth. Before starting Filastine in 2006, Grey was part of the insurrectionary marching band Infernal Noise Brigade. He spent much of his life recording soundscapes & studying rhythm across the world. One of those travels brought him to Indonesia in 2010 where he met Nova, formerly of the hip-hop group Twin Sista. Nova added her rich musical roots to Filastine’s sound, she grew up singing pentecostal spirituals with her preacher grandfather, koranic recitations in the mosque, and studied Javanese gamelan. They are now based in Barcelona.

Filastine’s compositions fuse contemporary electronic beats with concrete sounds, voices, percussion, and acoustic strings. This is future bass music from a future where the globe has been flipped, the sonic territories remixed, and syncopated mid-eastern rhythms and Asian melodies shape a new urban sound. Filastine have released a trilogy of full-length albums, a half dozen vinyls on an equal number of record labels, and a grip of heady conceptual mixtapes.

Beyond music, Filastine uses video, design, and now dance, as forms of universal language to communicate their vision of the world. Last year Filastine debuted 4RRAY, their multi-screen AV setup that uses custom-made software to sync video to music. These arts combine in powerful, cinematic, live performances.

Filastine has performed nearly five hundred gigs in thirty-seven different nations, from music festivals : WOMEX 2015 (Cardiff, UK), Flow (FI), Sonar (ES), Decibel (US), Les Vieilles Charrues (FR), to art spaces: V&A Museum (UK), Foreign Affairs (DE), Erarta Museum (RU) to ephemeral places: Calais Jungle migrant camp (FR), Downtown Cairo Arts (EG), Hidden Agenda (HK).



Powerfully political and distinctly global – NPR Music
Dystopian bass music for crumbling urban futures. the soundtrack to a rising heat humidity index -Spin Magazine
The prototype of globalized urban sound -Prefix Mag
Filastine creates tracks so geographically and chronologically diverse that they sound less like “world” music and more like music from another world. PitchforkTV
A hybrid electronic sound that could be described as worldbeat for the dubstep generation – and the result is a lot better than it sounds -MTV Iggy
Filled with both jagged edges and moments of sad sweetness…sure to win fans across multiple scenes”-XLR8R “visceral, disorienting exotica -The Stranger
Live stage show couples virtuoso live drumming and electronic grooves with a visual spectacle that holds crowds spellbound -San Francisco Bay Guardian
An uncompromising, unfettered alternative soundtrack to Life On Earth -Discontent
About £OOT in Pitchfork



Abandon is a quarterly series of audiovisual singles by Filastine. Each video episode profiles a cathartic dance of liberation from work staged in a unique environment. Abandon explores how we use the human body, how we sell our time, and how we can dare to escape.

March 29 The Miner (Borneo & Java, Indonesia) an escape from extraction
May 26 The Cleaner (Lisbon, Portugal) a maid sheds her invisibility
Sept. 22 The Salarymen (Seattle, USA) a day at the office interrupted by a glitch
Feb. 28 The Chatarreros (Barcelona, Spain) a choreography of migrant scrap collectors

The music of Abandon is available on the album Drapetomania.






Drapetomania (2017) (Jarring Effects)
£OOT (Jarring Effects/ Muti Music/ Post World Industries 2012)
Extra Dirty Bomb (12”- Post World Industries/ES 2010)
We Are Experiencing Turbulence (mix radio broadcast AU/BE/US)
Hungry Ghosts (7”- Disboot/ES 2010)
Dirty Bomb (CD- Jarring Effects/FR, Soot/US, Romz/JP, UberLingua/AU 2009)
Sonar Calibrado- w/ Maga Bo (12”- Shockout/US 2008)
La Pistola Mas Rapida (mix CD IrregularRhythmAsylum/JP)
Quemalo Ya (12” Shockout/US 2007)
The Mud, the Blood, & the Beer (mix CD-Tigerbeat6/US)
Burn It Instrumentals (12”- Soot/US 2007)
Burn It (CD- Soot/ES, Romz/JP, Jarring Effects/FR, Crimethinc/US 2006-2007)
Judas Goat/Palmares (7”- Soot/US 2005)


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