Just about the only Russian rock band to nurse out a sound that resists an easy matchup with a Western source, Auktyon are consistently and wholly original. They are a legend in their homeland and a cult band in continental Europe where they spend half of their time touring. Their sound keeps changing all the time and now, complete with assorted percussion, multi-reed player, a trumpeter and a tubist, it approaches tight jazzy arrangements of Charles Mingus or Radiohead Kid A style. Sure, they’ve traveled from psycho theatrics to lo-fi trickery to Beck and back, but with the constants (vocalist Lenya Fedorov’s crusted-molasses voice, the clearly relished fret buzz, the tragicomic horns, and the truly bizarre stage presence of clowning percussionist Garkusha) still in place after 20 or so years, they are quiet simply the best music out of today’s Russia. “Village Voice” NY 9/29/00

Auktyon is a unique phenomenon on the contemporary music scene in Russia. In contrast to the majority of genre-challenged and as a rule stylistically within the framework of contemporary canons, this group draws its inspiration from such remote sources as new-jazz, ethnic music of North Africa and Middle East, beat- and pop-music of the 60’s; in spite of the eternally present messianic idea in Russian rock and its inherited didacticism, this group did not teach as much as it entertained, which apparently resulted in it being the only representative of Russia on the European club scene. In different forms and under different names, the group has existed since approximately since 1978, and its current name, Auktyon, came into existence in May of 1983, when it was granted a membership in the Leningrad Rock Club. The members of the Russian band Auktyon have never lost sight of their musical mission since forming during the 1980s in the former Soviet Union.

Russian folklore mingled with Goth sensibilities and a break neck, devil may care attitude has had them being a top Russian home grown attraction for two decades. Loaded with underground, malcontent attitude throughout, even if you don’t know what they are talking about, the uber hipster will find this comforting music to go to sleep with, and fuel dark dreams. Bordering on a sonic drug trip, this outré bunch knows dada well.

“Their music gathers rock, jazz, and ethnic elements into an irrepressible eclectic sound, anchored by Leonid Fedorov’s smoky baritone and Oleg Garkusha’s energetic vocalizing” –The New Yorker
“Legendary and undefinable, the veteran Russian alt-rock band Auktyon serves up a swinging, horn-driven skank that’s drawn comparisons to Tom Waits and Beck – appropriate enough, but still short of describing the band’s boundless, theatrical energy and instantly memorable melodic hooks.” -Time Out NY