St.Petersburg, Russia

“Shortparis – they were on fire! One of the most memorable live performances I saw in 2017.” HELEN SILDNA, TALLINN MUSIC WEEK

Catharsis. Salvation. Shortparis. This audacious dance groove, fusing dark electronica, post-punk, noise and chanson, is irresistibly catchy. Anchored in the decadent aesthetic of the labyrinths of the Russian soul, with French or even English lyrics, it erases the line between concert and theatre. The audience includes Ian Curtis, Siouxsie Sioux, Blixa Bargeld, Peter Murphy and Nick Cave. Ian is dancing in a corner by himself, Siouxsie is pouring red wine over the front rows, Blixa and Nick are doing the tango, Peter is booking tickets to Russia. From MENT Ljubljana 2018

Formed in St.Petersburg in 2012. Irrational, spastic dance groove borderlines somewhere between dark electro, post-punk, experimental noise and acoustic chanson, combined with theatrical performances. The songs are in Russian, French and English.

Vocals  – Nikolay Komiagin
Guitar, Synthesizer – Aleksandr Galianov
Drums, Sampling – Pavel Lesnikov
Guitar, Bass, Accordion – Aleksandr Ionin
Drums, Percussion – Danila Kholodkov

Live shows