Country : Estonia

Not to be confused with a simple-minded cartoon bear, Winny Puhh are a real assault unit raised on the best mineral water this planet has ever produced (Värska) and determined to force you to move your body with weapons ranging from brutal heavy metal to, pardon our German, Scooter-isch techno. And some Balkan beats of course, because it’s the Southern parts of Great Estonian Empire where Winny Puhh come from. Humour, philosophy and self-mutilation is their game and they are very-very happy if you join the club. Which probably means you have to be very-very careful.

Winny Puhh are far from your typical band on the rise. For starters, they’ve been around since 1994. Secondly, they represent a rock theatricality that peaked around the time of The Residents, Gwar and Ozzy Osborne. But it’s exactly their outlandishness that makes them ripe for the viral age of today. They’ve performed covered in paint or with hair glued to their faces like Teen Wolf. They wear brightly colored wrestling leotards. Lead singer Indrek “Dictor I” Vaheoja screeches his vocals like a banshee wild man.Their two extremely powerful shamanic drummers will beat up the beat to very high speeds. But the stringmen are plain crazy on stage. Their performances and videos can be consumed alongside Buzzfeed lists about LOLcats or photos of Lady Gaga’s latest costumes.

At the same time, there’s something egalitarian about their punk/metal/hardcore/techno sound that prevents them from being too kitschy or annoying. They also manage to be arty without the grating pretentiousness that often accompanies so-called “high art.”

Their recent fame has stemmed from them reaching the semifinals for the Estonian slot in 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Their populist appeal made them not only refreshing representatives of their country, but internet celebrities, as the video of them performing “Meiecundi mees üks Korsätakov läks eile Lti ” for the contest has two and half million YouTube views. For that performance, the band’s two drummers played on an elevated, rotating platform, tilted on its side. They continued their roll by performing in Paris Fashion Week for fashion designer Rick Owens Press quotes:

“They were so alternative. I love their vision of excess and just going beyond the conventional.”
“I saw Winny Puhh on Eurovision. They have this wonderful over-the-top limitlessness and cheerful aggression. I asked them to play at my show, hoping it would create an otherworldly atmosphere. They’re just awesome.”. Rick Owens
“Winny Puhh Are a Hot Mess You Can Believe In” MTV Iggy

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